Inclement Weather Policy

Stepping Stone is concerned about the safety of patients when dangerous driving conditions exist due to inclement weather. Inclement weather can come at various times of the day and any given day of the week with unpredictable intensity and geographic impact.

Inclement weather take home medication, and changes in our hours of operation, are based on available information concerning the predicted conditions of roads in the Boone, NC area.

Stepping Stone recognizes patients often drive from locations where conditions may be quite different. If any patient determines road conditions are unsafe for their travel they should contact the program in advance to discuss their options.

There are five primary factors behind a decision to seek an inclement weather take home exemption and/or change the hours of operation:

  • The time of day: the amount, rate, and type of precipitation; and the best weather forecast information available at the time of the decision.
  • The condition of major roadways in the region.
  • The condition of primary roads leading into the area.
  • If there is enough time to apply and receive regulatory approval to provide special take home medication due to the inclement weather event.
  • The operational status of other entities such as public transportation, schools, etc.

We will post changes to our hours on

Email notification

Stepping Stone of Boone provides personalized email notification of any program changes during inclement weather in addition to posting those changes on and the answering service.

If you would like to be added to our announcement email group please send us an email at or fill out a notification form at the front desk and request to receive these emails. Stepping Stone will not share or exchange your email address. We will only use the email addresses you provide to notify you of program changes.

How to Prepare for Bad Weather

  • Have good tires on your vehicle
  • Have an ice scrapper in your vehicle
  • Allow extra travel time for road conditions
  • Drive slowly and carefully
  • Check antifreeze level in car
  • Keep gas tank near full to avoid ice in the tank and lines
  • Have a flashlight, blanket, snacks and water in your vehicle
  • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes
  • Speak with your counselor in advance if you anticipate problems.
  • Make sure all your contact information is up-to-date
  • If your primary source of transportation may be unavailable, plan to have alternate means of transportation
  • When additional take-home medication is a possibility, make sure to have your lock box available.

Local Weather Resources