OTP Fee Schedule and Financial Policies

Intake Admission Fees

(in addition to daily treatment fee)

Physician and Laboratory Fee: $25.00
*$15 is non-refundable, in the event admission is delayed.

Daily Treatment Fees

  Class A Class B Class C Class D Class E
Methadone level 0- 2 $10 $10.25 $10.50 $10.75 $12
Methadone level 3-6 $9 $9.25 $9.50 $9.75 $11
Buprenorphine up to 8 mg $10 $10.25 $10.50 $10.75 $13
Buprenorphine 10 to 16 mg $12 $12.25 $12.50 $12.75 $15
Buprenorphine 18 to 24 mg $14 $14.25 $14.50 $14.75 $17
Buprenorphine over 24 mg $15 $15.25 $15.50 $15.75 $18

*Patients are not eligible for discounted pricing until proof of income is provided.

Miscellaneous Charges*

  • Absent Fee: $9.00
  • Late Fee: $5.00
  • Breathalyzer: $10.00 per month
  • Clonazepam screen: $13.00
  • Ethyl glucuronide (ETG) screen: $2.00
  • Patient Requested Drug Screen: $15.00
  • Saliva Test: $15.00
  • Guest Dosing set up fee (stepping stone patients): $15.00 per episode
  • Daily Guest dosing fee methadone (non-Stepping Stone patients): $15.00 per day
  • Daily Guest dosing fee buprenorphine (non-Stepping Stone patients): $25.00 per day
  • Returned Check Fee: $15.00
  • Peak and/or Trough Blood test: $30.00
  • Urine Drug Screen GC/MS Confirmation: $40.00 per substance
    *Each patient will be charged for additional lab work deemed medically necessary by the Stepping Stone physician(s)
  • Primary Care fees will be assessed through High Country Community Health on a different fee schedule.
  • High Country Community Health accepts all major insurances, including Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurances will be accepted and billed where applicable.
  • Services provided that are not covered for insurance will be billed directly to the patient based on proof income.

Financial Policies

  • Payment is required at the time of services and will be accepted at the front desk only.
  • Patients must pay for all take home medication in advance, including weekends (payments are not accepted on the weekends except to stop a financial taper)
  • Treatment fees are charged regardless of attendance.
  • In the event of absence due to hospitalization, treatment fees will be charged up to 4 days. After the 4th day of absence, treatment is officially transferred to the care facility until discharge.
  • New patients will be limited to a $0 balance in their first 30 days of treatment.
  • After 30 days of treatment, patients will be limited to a $40 balance.
  • All patients must pay their balance to $0 at least once in every 30 day period to avoid finance charge.
  • Requests for short-term financial assistance must be made at least 24 hours in advance and in writing.
  • Counselors are not authorized to approve, or negotiate payment terms.

*Patients not in compliance with Stepping Stone financial policies will be assigned “pre-pay status” and must pay their fees in full each day.

Financial Hardship Taper

After 5 days in treatment, if a patient has a demonstrated financial hardship and can no longer afford treatment they will be offered a medication taper period based on the following schedule:

  • Prescribed methadone………..6 day taper period
  • Prescribed buprenorphine……3 day taper period

During the taper period medication dosage will be reduced each day down until zero.  Daily fees will continue to be charged to the patient’s balance during this time. Should the patient elect to stop the taper or re-enter treatment, all applicable fees must be paid.

* Stepping Stone reserves the right to reduce, or refuse, the taper period for patients whose account balances are too high (or have outstanding returned checks) if it is not medically contraindicated.

Personal Check Policy

  • No checks will be accepted from patients during the first 90 days of treatment
  • Returned checks and the $15 returned check fee must be paid off in 3 days
  • Legal charges will be filed for unpaid returned checks
  • We reserve the right to refuse to accept a check at our discretion

Credit Card Policy

  • A minimum payment of $30 must be made if using a credit/ debit card
  • All debit cards will be run as credit
  • Credit card must be present for payment in the facility unless payment is made over the phone
  • We will take credit card payments by phone at our discretion
  • We reserve the right to refuse to accept a credit card at our discretion